Vegan & Vegetarian Street Food Tour



4 - 5 hours. 3.5km walk


All-you-can-eat walking tour


Mexico City Center
Start point: Hemiciclo a Juarez in Historical Downtown.
End point: Zona Rosa. Colonia Juarez.


All your food and traditional drinks.
1 local, regular-sized (325ml) beer.


From $50 USD

About the tour

So you are vegan or vegetarian, and feel like you are missing out on Mexico City's iconic street food? Fear not, for we are here to feed you. Join us in this walking adventure through the city and sample delicious street food---- all authentic, local and mouthwatering.

Focusing on four different neighborhoods and with a route that extends about 3.5km, we will visit off-the-beaten-path places, street-food stalls and brick-and-mortar family businesses. You will taste tacos al pastor, “chorizo”, “suadero”, tlacoyos, tortas de milanesa and so much more in this four to five-hour experience. You will also try typical drinks such as hibiscus agua fresca, tamarind and, may we say, some of the most refreshing vegan horchata that will grace your lips.

We will go into detail about how the food is made and give you information about its relevance and place in Mexican culture. In the end, we will chill, have a beer and digest all the gloriousness we consumed during our rendezvous.